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Goh-Veg HPMC Capsules
Our Goh-Veg HPMC vegetable capsules are an economical choice for replacing gelatin capsules.

Our Goh-Veg vegetable capsules are non GMO project certified.
Dissolution and functionalities:
Our research scientists have studied and compared our Goh-Veg capsules with gelatin capsules for dissolution and other functionalities. The conclusion is that our Goh-Veg capsules can be used to replace gelatin capsules completely.
Detailed summary report of these studies is available to R&D scientists, please contact us to obtain.
Benefits of Goh-Veg Caps:
1: Natural & vegetable:
Hypromellose (HPMC) used for our Goh-Veg capsules are derived from non-GMO pine wood fibers that naturally grown in the east coast of United States.
2: Very Stable.
Goh-Veg HPMC Capsules are very stable at low moisture, and are great for products that are hydroscopic.
3: Great Machine-ability and suitability.
Goh-Veg Capsules are as resilient and flexible as gelatin capsules, they run very well on high speed automatic encapsulation machines (over 99.9%).
Goh-Veg also are less sensitive to moisture changes.
4: Consistent
The appearance and technical parameters of our Goh-Veg HPMC capsules are consistent from batches to batches.
5: Competitive pricing
Our Goh-Veg HPMC capsules is a great choice for price conscious customers.
Try us, and you will find out.
Capacity, Size & Colors.
Current production capacity is 3 billion Goh-Veg capsules per year.

Following capsule sizes are made regularly and kept in stock: 
00#, 00# EL, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3# and #4.

Custom colors and custom printing can be produced according to customer's logo design.

We also provide colored and printed HPMC capsules to suit our customer's special needs.

Please contact us for details. 

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