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Technical Information, Q&A

If you need more information, please contact you local sales team.

For techical issues, please contact our Technical Support.


Q: What is pullulan? How it is made? Chemistry of pullulan?

A: click
here to see the answers.


Q: What is HPMC? How it is made? Chemistry of HPMC?

A: click
here to see answers.


Q: Could you provide technical data of your capsules?

A: Click
here.  Contact us for updated copy.


Q: Do you have Kosher Certificates?

A: Click
here. Contact us for updated copy.


Q: Do you have Halal Certificate?

A: click
here. Contact us for updated copy.


Q: How do you make delivery in hot and cold days? 

A: We always use refer truck to make delivery year round, to make sure customers has the best user experience.


Q: If we have problem using your capsules, what to do?

A: If the issues are caused by our capsules, we will take it back and arrange for replacements immediately. Please call your sales representative first.

Q: Are you vegetable capsules non-GMO certified

A: Yes, please ask your sales representative for certificate.
Q: Is your manufacturing facility GMP complying?
A: Yes, we are. As a matter of fact, we are pharmaceutical GMP with less than 100,000 particles/Cubic meter clean level.
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