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Bright-Poly Capsules
Not for sale in USA and Canada
Organic versions:
Bright-Poly Capsules are offered only in Certified Organic version now.
Comparing with conventional pullulan capsules, our Bright-Poly Organic capsules are
1): free of surfactants
2): made from NOP certified organic pullulan
3): use only NOP organic allowed processing aids

Dissolution and functionalities:
Our research scientists have studied and compared our Bright -poly capsules with gelatin capsules for dissolution and functionality. Their conclusion is that Bright-poly pullulan capsules perform almost identical to gelatin capsules in terms of functionalities.
Detailed summary report of these studies is available to R&D scientists, please contact us to obtain.
Attractive appearance of Bright-Poly:
Bright-Poly capsules are very attractive in appearance.
Imangine, how beautiful your finished products could look like.
Imagine, how satisified your customers are, and how much you can improve your company image. 
Product quality:
Bright-Poly capsules (Conventional and Organic) are made in  certified pharmaceutical GMP plants.
See it first hand and
take a plant tour.
Benefits of Bright-Poly capsules:

: Visually Appealing:

Finished products using Bright-poly are shiny, brilliantly clear and visually appealing to customers.

2: Oxygen Barrier:
Pullulan capsules are much better oxygen barrier than gelatin and HPMC capsules. As demenstrated in following Vitamin C test.
This unique and valuable property of pullulan can be utilizated in very beneficial way for both pharmaceutical API and nutritional actives:
 - Protect nutrients and APIs from oxidation.
- Extend product shelf life and improve product stability
- Reduce over-runs to save costs.

3: Earth Friendly.
Pullulan is water extracted from fungi grown on starch substrate, much like the mushroom growing on fertile ground. There are no toxic chemicals involved. So it is very natural and environment friendly.

4: More reasons to use:
- Bright-poly capsules are non-brittle and retain moisture as well as gelatin capsules.
- Bright-poly capsules run flawlessly on all high speed automatic encapsulation machines, reduce down-time and improve efficiency.
Capacity, size & colors.
Current production capacity is 2 billion Bright-Poly capsules per year.

Following capsule sizes are made regularly and kept in stock: 
00#, 0#, 1#, 2#.

Colored capsules are only produced according to customer's logo design.
We offer custom color and printing using natural color for our conventional Bright-Poly capsules. 

Bright-Poly Certified Organic capsules does not come with colors or printing due to the unavailability of certified organic pigments and inks.

Contact us for more information.