What is new?
1: Organic Capsules
NOT AVAILABLE FOR USA & CANADA until November 2020

Bright-poly certified organic pullulan capsules obtained full NOP organic certification since year 2014, after many years of hard working to set up operations that conform to the NOP organic rules. Our Bright-Poly organic capsules was the first to obtain NOP certification for vegetable capsules.
2: Enteric GAR Capsules
Bright Pharma Caps Inc. and its sister companies developed the Gastric Acid Resistant (GAR) capsules that are based on Hypromellose (HPMC) and are coated with HPMC AS for US market and methacrylate for EU market.
Bright GARs enteric capsules are pH sensitive and only release its contents in the designed pH range.
Bright GARs are primarily for the purpose of delivering live microbes, enzymes, oxygen sensitive and acid sensitive ingredients to safely pass through stomach acid and release quickly in the intestine.