Gelatin Capsules

We started marketing gelatin capsules under JC-CAPS® brand from 1997.

1: Product Quality
JC-CAPS® capsules are running on a wide range of high speed automatic encapsulation machines.
Our manufacturing plants maintain full Pharmaceutical GMP, and are ISO-9001 certified. We run TES brand automated production lines, as well as our own custom designed automated production lines To ensure we only produce the finest capsules, we follow strict GMP rules and:

1): Purify our own water; operate under 100,000 P/cubic meter clean level;
2): Use only world renown brand gelatin and raw material;
3): Accept material from cGMP certified vendors only;
2: Capacity & Size
Current production capacity is over 40 billion gelatin capsules per year.
Following capsule sizes are made regularly and kept in stock: 
00#, 00# EL, 0#, 0# EL, 1#, 2#, 3# and #4.
Some regularly used colors are also kept in stock. Check with us for availability.
3: Services
We stock capsules in 6 climate controlled warehouse locations across North America for on time delivery to our customers.
We offer competitive price and good customer services. 
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