GAR - Enteric Capsules
(pH sensitive release)
1: What is Enteric GAR Capsules?
Bright Pharma Caps Inc. and its sister companies developed the Gastric Acid Resistant (Bright-GAR) capsules that are based on Hypromellose, HPMC-AS, methacrylate or HPMCP, primarily for the purpose of delivering live microbes, enzymes, oxygen and acid sensitive ingredients to safely pass through stomach gastric acid and release contents quickly in upper intestine where pH changes from acidity to neutral. gar
2: Three Types of Bright-GAR capsules
We make three types of GAR capsules:
1) Bright GAR-AS capsules: Based on our Goh-Veg HPMC capsules, using HMPC AS as enteric coating materials that are compliant to FDA pharmaceutical and nutritional industry requirements.
2) Bright GAR-MA capsules: Based on Goh-Veg HPMC capsules, using methacrylate as enteric coating materials that are compliant to EFSA nutritional industry requirements.
3) Bright GAR-PH capsules: Based on Goh-Veg HPMC capsules, using HPMCP as enteric coating materials that are compliant to UPS, EP, JP and IP requirements.
3: How Bright-GAR capsules are superior
Tests performed in USP simulated gastric fluid show that Bright GAR HPMC capsules can withstand up to 3 hours in human stomach, yet will fully release its content 6 minutes into the intestine environment. Comparing with other DR (delayed release) capsules currently in the market, our GAR HPMC capsules are superior in the following ways:
1) pH sensitive release
Bright-GAR capsules only rupture and release contents when surrounding pH changes from acid to neutral. Therefore guarantee the delivery of contents to upper intestine.
2) More stable in gastric acid
Bright-GAR capsules can stay intact 30-60 minutes longer in gastric acid than DR capsules currently in the market.
3) Easy to use
Snap close like regular capsules and no further sealing or banding is needed for Bright-GAR due to our capsule's unique closing system.
4) Enhanced machine-ability
Bright-GAR are stronger and run better on automatic encapsulation machines.
5) Economical
Save costs by eliminate after-fill coating that requires investments on building, machine and labor forces.
4: Color and printing
We offer custom colored capsules and and custom printing on the GAR capsules.
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