JC-Delayed Release
1: Introduction
Bright Pharma Caps Inc. and its sister companies developed the JC-Delayed Release capsules that are based on our Goh-Veg HPMC capsules.
JC-Delayed Release capsules are guaranteed to delay release of contents for minimum of 60 minutes in stomach gastric acid.
JC-Delayed Release capsules are also pH sensitive.

2: Two types of JC-Delayed Release capsules
We make two types of JC-Delayed Release capsules for differnt markets:
1) JC-Delayed Release for USA: made from our Goh-Veg HPMC capsules coated with HMPCAS that are compliant to US pharmaceutical and nutritional industry requirements.
2) JC-Delayed Release for EU: Compliant to EFSA nutritional industry requirements, JC-Delayed Release for EU are made with Goh-Veg HPMC capsules coated with methacrylate.

3: Effective Delayed Release
Too many complains of ineffective delayed release capsules?
Then, it is time to try something different:

1) Min. 1 hour in gastric acid
Over 99.0% JC-Delayed Release capsules stay intact  for minimum of 60 minutes in gastric acid.

2) pH sensitive release

JC-Delayed Release capsules are pH sensitive, and will release contents when pH changes from acid to neutral.

3) Easy to use

Snap close like regular capsules and no further sealing or banding is needed.

4) Economical

Save on delayed release capsules that really works.

5) Machine ability
JC-Delayed Release works as good as regular HPMC capsules.

4: Size, color and printing
Following sizes are made regularly and kept in stock: 
00#, 0#, 1# and 2#
Other size are available by custom order.
Color and printing options are available, customers can choose any color or printing of their liking, as long as there are such pigments and inks that are commercially available.
Please contact us for more details.