Organic Bright-Poly Capsules
Not for sale in USA and Canada until Nov 2020
1: Organic Version
Comparing with conventional pullulan capsules, NOP certified organic Bright-Poly capsules are:
1) free of surfactants;
2) made from NOP certified organic pullulan;
3) manufactured using NOP allowed processing aids.
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2: Dissolution and Functionalities
Our comparison studies indicate that  Bright-Poly capsules perform almost identical to gelatin capsules in terms of dissolution and functionality.
Detailed report of these studies is available to research scientist.
3: Product Quality 
Bright-Poly capsules are made in certified GMP plants.
Full NOP organic audits performed each year by independent third party certification agencies.
See it first hand and
take a plant tour.
4: Benefits of Organic Bright-Poly
1) Attractive appearance
NOP certified organic Bright-Poly capsules are visually very attractive. Contrary to conventional wisdom that organic products look dull, Bright-Poly will make your organic finished products look beautiful.
2) Oxygen barrier
Pullulan capsules are very good oxygen barrier. This property can be utilized to benefit nutritional actives:
 - Protect nutrients from oxidation.
 - Extend product shelf life
 - Reduce over-runs to save costs.
3) Organic and earth friendly
Pullulan is water extracted from fungi grown on starch substrate, much like the mushroom growing on fertile ground. Therefore, Bright-Poly organic capsules are natural and environment friendly.
4) Great machine ability
Bright-poly capsules run flawlessly on all high speed automatic encapsulation machines, reduce down-time and improve efficiency.
5: Capacity, Size & Colors
Current capacity is 2 billion capsules per year.
Following sizes are made regularly and kept in stock: 00#, 0#, 1# and 2#.
Certified organic capsules do not come with colors or printing due to unavailability of  organic pigments and inks.
6: Special Orders
Special order option is available for custom colored and printed capsules using natural pigments on base of organic Bright-Poly capsules, however customers can not make any organic claims due to unavailability of certified organic pigments. 
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